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4 Wardrobe Staples For Your Trip To The South Of France This Summer!
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4 Wardrobe Staples For Your Trip To The South Of France This Summer!

If you’re heading to the South of France this summer, it’s time to start thinking about your outfit planning! When you don’t have lots of luggage, or you have a lower budget and don’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe, these four wardrobe staples are a wonderful way to help you create many different stunning outfits to wear and feel incredible when you’re in this amazing place. Of course you’ll have your extra bits and pieces, like your bikini sets and accessories, however these are great pieces to start building your South of France wardrobe around. Enjoy the exciting process of planning your looks!

A Satin Maxi Skirt

First up we have a satin maxi skirt. We’d choose either a classic white/cream or a black maxi skirt as your options for styling are endless. From a simple crop top through to a waistcoat, denim jacket to oversized shirt, corset top to tee, they’re so easy to style with a wide range of items so you can just take a few tops and one skirt and have outfits for so many different occasions! Whether it’s a daytime walk down the beach or a dressed up look for an evening meal, this is a great piece to take with you.

A Blue and White Striped Shirt

Next up, you’ve got to pack a blue and white striped shirt. You can style it with your maxi skirt, plain white shorts, a cute skirt or wide leg trousers, for effortless looks. These make a great choice for daytime when it’s not quite so hot, or to protect your skin when it is hot, just make sure you choose a breathable material like cotton. This is also great for layering with your more simple outfits in the evenings when the temperature drops, without having to add a chunky layer to your outfit.

A Floral Maxi Dress

You should take at least one stunning maxi dress with you for those fancier days and nights, and a floral maxi dress always hits the spot when you’re in the South of France. You can either style it with trainers, sandals or heels, depending on where you’re headed. This can also double for your wedding guest dresses throughout the summer, so you will get plenty of wear! If you want something that is even more diverse, perhaps get a floral co-ord set, so you can mix and match even more!

Versatile Sandals

Last but not least, you should take a pair of versatile sandals. This is great for saving room and there are plenty of styles that are suitable for so many occasions. Usually a classic pair of black or tan sandals will be perfect, just have a think about your wardrobe and which shade will go better with the majority of your outfits. We like something with a small wedge, so they’re still comfortable in the day but look nice and dressy as you move into the evening.